A Little About Me...

Hi, I'm...

My name is Kate and I live with my husband, Luke, in Atlanta, GA. I went to school for Nursing, but eventually fully ran after my true love and passion, photography, and have not looked back! 

I met my husband in high school when he moved to the U.S. after growing up in Latin America. I thought he was super cute, but when he asked me out I said "nope"! Fast forward 6 years later, I realized what I had missed out on and slid into his DM's (omg)! It obviously worked out because we got married on April 3, 2021 and let me tell you, I had no idea how awesome marriage would be! He's a dreamer, entrepreneur, and the biggest encourager. I wouldn't be where I am today without him. 

I've loved (like LOVED) weddings since my freshman year of high school and dove head first into any aspect of the wedding industry I could get into: florals, planning, day of coordination, internships, etc. I found wedding photography in college and fell head over heels in love. 

I am most inspired by other eras (anything vintage), fashion, travel (especially NYC or Europe), the city, new cultures, and food. A dream day for me would be running around NYC or sitting in a cafe chatting with a close friend or my husband in Florence, Italy. 

I like to describe my photography as creative, vintage inspired, filmy/grainy, a little funky and weird, and very natural and unposed. I love to tell stories and draw out emotion through my photos. I love I am so thankful to make art and new friends. It's hardly work!

If you think we'd be a good fit, reach out right now! I can't wait to be friends!

Kate Phillips!

1. Dates with my Husband (he asked me to be his girlfriend in Chipotle and it's still our favorite date spot).

2. Travel--my favorite places are NYC and anywhere in Europe. (P.S. I travel worldwide to photograph weddings and elopements, so if you're thinking about it, I'm your girl!) 

3. Spending time with my sisters--I am the oldest of three girls and my two younger sisters are my best friends! 

4. Reading books and magazines--I became an avid reader during quarantine and I'm always inspired by magazines that are beautiful, have great recipes, or are fashion focused. 

5. Talking all things business/entrepreneurship with friends. (Don't bring your creative idea to me or I will talk you into starting your own business!) 

6. Cooking and baking--it's my (nearly) free therapy! 

7. Broadway....yep, i'll admit I'm a nerd! I've seen over 15 Broadway shows live and i'm an avid Broadway soundtrack listener. My favorites are "Dear Evan Hansen" and "Beautiful"!

8. Music--I love to sing and have led worship in different realms since high school. It's the only thing that doesn't feel like work to me!

9. Drinking coffee--especially in a coffee shop, BUT we did get this amazing milk frother as a wedding gift and let me tell you, I love drinking it at home now too!

10. My job--I know it's crazy but I LOVEEEE my job! I often have to intentionally stop working or I could just work forever. It's SO fun to me!

A Few of My Favorite Things...

1. All things vintage/another era. It really always has...I grew up watching old movies and in high school, I think I kept ModCloth in business. I always thought I should have been born in the 50s! 

2. Everyday moments--I so often frame images in my head from everyday moments. I used to think that epic photos were the coolest and now I LOVE the super real, raw, and normal. 

3. Music--there are certain songs that I see as photos or paint as pictures in my head. There's a song called Koln by Corey Kilgannon and it's my dream to go shoot what I see in Cologne, Germany. 

4. Unlikely spaces--I am inspired by the weirdest, most unlikely places to photograph someone. I normally stop and stare while I'm driving and my head starts spinning with new ideas!

5. Color. I used to hate color, well sort of. I claimed the "minimalist" vibe and loved all things white. Now, I am obsessed with wild and crazy colors (always vintage hues), especially in my work!

What Inspires Me...

Working with me is like working with a friend. My ultimate goal is to create a relationship with you in order for you to feel incredibly comfortable during our time shooting together. I always strive to be an encouraging voice while we shoot, never condescending. My goal is to create art with you, to tell your story in a unique-to-you way...not to achieve perfection. 

People say I am a calming presence, but also have a bubble personality. I will never bring stress into your wedding, elopement, or session. I will always be there to keep you calm, relaxed, and stress-free!

Working with me doesn't start and end the day we shoot together! In fact, it starts now! When you inquire with me, I am yours for good (I hope that's okay with you)! I am available and honored to guide you through the planning process of your session or your wedding/elopement day! If we work together on your wedding, I will be there to hear what bridesmaids dresses you picked out, help recommend vendors, chat through wedding planning decisions, the list is endless! And if we work together on a session, I will be there to dream, create, and make your vision come to life. I will NOT be a stranger, I want to walk away from all of this being friends forever! 

Working with Me...

And that encompasses a lot for me. I believe you can't tell a story well unless you really know someone. That's why I've made working with me an experience. I promise it will be. I promise you will walk away feeling like we've become friends, I've cared for and gotten to know you, and therefore have told your story well. 

My Goal is  not only to give you amazing photos that tell your story really well, but also to give you an amazing experience you will never forget.

my goal.

- Erin and peyton (couple)

"My boyfriend and I came in with a vision of a vintage-inspired couple's shoot, and Kate DELIVERED IT BETTER THAN WE COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED. It was our first time ever getting couple photos, and Kate did an excellent job at giving us direction in the moment and making the entire shoot be so genuinely fun. We had three locations and multiple outfits that we wanted to execute in the Atlanta heat (which can be quite a lot) and she was full of positive and creative energy the ENTIRE time. Once she sent over the photos, I was just blown away at both the quality of composition of the shots and the dreamy editing. I've never had pictures of myself that I liked more. She was able to capture this perfect in between of candid and posed, where you're acting natural but it's definitely your best angle. Kate will be my first call from now on whenever I need personal, professional or more couple photos - especially if I'm wanting to do a themed creative shoot!!"

- Zoe Woods (Musician)

"Kate is the absolute best at every single aspect of her job. She gets you excited to take charge of the creativity you have in mind and uses the things that people wouldn’t take a second glance at to inspire her. Not to mention she is the nicest most bubbly person i’ve met in a while and working with her has succeeded all my expectations. Her turn around time for pictures is insanely impressive and she always puts your visions better than you could imagine. I would whole heartedly recommend Kate."

- Adria Freshley (Model)

"Kate is the sweetest!! I love that I can be creative in sessions with her + that she makes me feel so comfortable in front of the camera! I honestly cannot say enough great things about her—BOOK HER!!!" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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