- Kate

To me, documenting your moments (big or small) is the greatest honor. It is truly my passion to care for each of my couples and provide them with a unique experience. My goal is to never force anything or have an agenda. It's coming in and noticing everything...and then capturing it. I want my couples to see tons of little moments, in their wedding gallery, that they never knew happened. My job is to pay attention so you can fully enjoy.

Every wedding day is so unique and different to me. I don't approach any of them in the same way. I come in with a documentary approach, simply taking in and capturing whatever is happening. A lot of photographers put their camera down when "nothing is happening", but that is when I truly make magic. Catching those moments is what makes my style truly unique, natural, and authentically "you".

To me, this is Iso much more than a job, and you are so much more than just another client in a gallery. Each client is close to my heart, and I can still remember details and vows and moments of every wedding I’ve had the privilege to witness. For a creative soul, it’s truly a dream come true to share these intimate, milestone moments and turn them into art that you can treasure forever.

Photography is the most beautiful marriage of

art and honesty.

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