Why You Should Schedule a Bridal Session Before Your Wedding Day

You may have heard of a Bridal Session! But, you may not know exactly what they are, their purpose, or why you should consider scheduling your own. Let me explain: a Bridal Session is a session just for the bride. It’s a session where the bride can get ready, wear her wedding dress, and get photos before her wedding day. Traditionally, this was very common in the south, but let me tell you why you should schedule a bridal session before your wedding and throw any tradition to the wind! 

You’ve probably picked out your dream wedding dress and are dying to wear it. That’s exactly how I felt when I got married. I found my dream dress from my favorite bridal boutique, The Sentimentalist, and had it altered by the very talented, White Orchid Bridal. It was a vintage girl’s dream, I felt amazing in it. One thing I am so sad about is the fact that I really only got to wear it once. I’ve said a million times I wish I could wear it over and over again.

I find this feeling is true among most brides! We feel amazing in our wedding dresses and want to wear them more than once. (By their cost we should at least wear them twice, right?!) 

Bridals are perfect for the bride who wants to wear her dress more than once and really feel like a bride. If you’re thinking about a Bridal Session or maybe this is your first time even considering it, here are a few reasons I am absolutely obsessed with them. 

Wear Your Dress Twice

  • Like I mentioned before, what bride doesn’t want to wear her wedding dress twice? A really great part about a Bridal Session is you will get to get comfortable wearing your dress before your wedding day. It might make you feel more at ease on your big day, since you already know what to expect. 

A Relaxed Environment

  • Sometimes wedding days can feel stressful or your nerves can be a little heightened. You can feel like there is limited time to get the photos you really want. Bridals give you a ton of time to relax. They also give your photographer space to capture genuine emotions in a comfortable, stress free environment. There is no rush to get to the ceremony!

Practice Hair and Makeup

  • Want to see how you feel with your wedding day hair and makeup before the actual day? A Bridal Session is fantastic opportunity to test everything out. You can even schedule your hair and makeup trial for the same day. (P.S. If you need amazing hair and makeup vendors in the Atlanta area, my favorites are: Beauty by Slouise, Rachel Carter Beauty, and Bethany Rose Artistry

Get Creative

Gift them to Your Husband

  • Most of my brides love to gift their Bridal Session photos to their husband on their wedding night. It’s a keepsake he can look back on forever! You can even put them into an album or get some printed. (I would recommend Artifact Uprising or Mpix). 

A few questions most of my brides have in regards to Bridal Sessions are:

When Should I Schedule My Bridal Session?

  • Go ahead and talk to your photographer about scheduling your session as soon as possible, as our books fill up very quickly. I would recommend that you schedule your session two months before your wedding date. This gives you time to make sure you have everything you need: dress altered, accessories, shoes, makeup and hair trial appointment, location locked in, etc. It also gives your photographer plenty of time to edit your photos so you can have them back before your wedding. 

Where Should I Have My Bridal Portraits Taken?

  • Totally up to you! Talk with your photographer about your vision. Are you wanting something super out there and funky? Something vintage or retro? Something minimal and classic? Talk with your photographer about a location that would fit your dream vision! (I’m already scheming up so many ideas!) 

Do I Have to Wear my Wedding Dress?

  • Heck no! If there is another dress you are wanting to wear, go for it! I have lots of brides wear something super funky that they don’t want to wear on their wedding day, but they would love to incorporate into their wedding somehow! So get that short vintage dress, or that white jumpsuit, or a whole other wedding dress! It’s YOUR session and YOUR day! 

Can I do a Boudoir Session as well?

  • Talk with your photographer to see if they could incorporate that! I love doing boudoir sessions and would love to either do a separate session or incorporate it into your bridal session somehow. 

Have more questions or want to bounce ideas off of me? I LOVE guiding brides to the perfect fit for them. Shoot me an email and let’s chat


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